Thursday, November 12, 2009

MMP Original Homepage Critique

MMP Original Homepage Critique

The homepage has no clear navigation.
There are small colored buttons (color-coordinated?) at the top of the page that link to other spaces in the webpage, but provides no information about the page the user is about to visit. (Suggestion -- tool tip?)

The homepage is very congested, and the information architecture is confusing and unclear.

The page scrolls down, with a right hand bar navigation that is the length of the page.

This right hand navigation is too much navigation for a single unit.

A restructuring of the navigation bar, including what kind of information to link to and where to place it throughout the site, is necessary.

The page has no footer. You have the option to scroll through previous posts. Posts are organized in a dated "blog-like" content. There could be better navigation of these "blog-content"/updates posts, organizing the posts by date, content, and what organization they belong to.

There is a small, easily overlooked button that asks for feedback at the bottom of the page. This feedback unit should have more focus placed on it. Feedback is key in this project.

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